About Alpha

Alpha Group was established in 1993. Thanks to our innovative development and qualitative animation content, we are the leading kids content provider and toy manufacturer group in China and one of the largest and most successful in Asia. In 2009, we became the first Chinese animation company to be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Alpha’s diversified business model allow us to meet the consumer’s demand for cultural entertainment. The group is vertically integrated including content creation, media operation, brand licensing, animation, movies, toys, consumer goods, games, theme parks, and virtual reality.

Moreover, the company owns many strong and diverse intellectual properties that target children of all ages and are known all over the world. Top animation brands such as Super Wings, Katuri, and Rev & Roll. We also have our own TV channel, called Jia Jia TV, with an audience coverage of 600 MM.

In China, we have our headquarters, three toy factories and five studios. Additionally, we have more than ten offices around the world. Located in France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Middle East, and South Korea. Employing more than 3.400 people. We work closely with leading broadcasters, toy distributors, and licenses all over the world.

Alpha Media and
Consumer Product International

Alpha Media and Consumer Product International Division is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpha Group. We handle the worldwide distribution of all the intellectual properties of Alpha Group, with a team in Guangzhou handling Asian territories and a team in Paris handling the rest of the world. We work with many of the top global partners and broadcasters. Our award properties have great performances being in the top short lists of the tv channels. Also, we manage all international licensing programs with more than 250 partners on board.