Quantum Heroes Dinoster campaign during MIPJunior and MIPCOM

Quantum Heroes Dinoster was all over Mipcom! If you went to the toilet during the fair, you couldn’t miss Lucio. We had the pleasure to organize an advertising campaign during Mipjunior and Mipcom in association with RX, the organizer of MIP. Quantum Heroes Dinoster posters were put in all toilets during the two fairs.

This operation had the goal to promote our brand new eleven-minutes kids show. Targeting 6-9 years old, Quantum Heroes Dinoster is the story of four friends who travel in secret to Dino Earth to study dinosaurs and save them from danger. The team will have to overcome incredible challenges to safeguard dinosaurs from natural dangers and from Bex Hunter, a mad scientist who wants to turn dinosaurs against humans.

The 26 first episodes will be delivered in April 2023. Major partners in key strategic countries already offered deals for this show that we expect to be successful!!