New deals signed for Super Wings!

Super Wings expands its global visibility with new exciting deals signed worldwide. The Canadian channel Family Junior just signed for season 3 to 5. The broadcasting already started in the beginning of 2022. On the other hand, the French Canadian channel Télé-Québec signed season 4.

Super Wings will also be broadcasted this quarter in Middle-East on EVISION, the first two seasons on SVOD and seasons 5 and 6 on PayTV.
Moreover, the season 3 and 4 were signed with Canal Plus in Ethiopia and season 4 broadcast started last month in April on BS11 in Japan.

Polish kids will enjoy the last season, season 6 “World Guardians” on TVP ABC from Q3 2022.  This 6th season also attracted Astro in Malaysia, Viu TV and Now TV in Hong-Kong and Macau, EBS in South Korea and BibiTV and SeeTV in Vietnam!